Pack 534 leadership positions

It's the parents of the scouts that make this a great experience for the boys, and particularly the Pack relies on specific parent volunteers to help make the Pack go!  These positions are necessary for the Pack to function and run successfully.  

A HUGE than you to all of our parent volunteers!  

Pack Committee

Every pack is under the supervision of a pack committee that handles the administrative and support tasks of the Pack - allowing the Cubmaster and Den Leaders to focus on working directly with the Cub Scouts.  

The following are the Committee Positions in Pack 534 - click on a position to view its description.  
Pack Committee Chairperson

Adrienne Cruz
The pack committee chair leads the pack committee and thus is responsible for the administration, oversight, and support of the pack program. 
Pack Treasurer

Amanda Barger
The treasurer ensures the pack’s finances are sound. 
Pack Scribe

* Open Position *
The scribe ensures proper records are kept within the pack and pack activities are coordinated. 
Advancement & Training Chair

* Open position *
The advancement chair orders and distributes awards and recognition for the Scouts, and ensures Scout Leaders complete the appropriate training. 
Outdoor Activity Chair

Chris Bond
This position helps the boys develop a love for the outdoors by planning campouts and organizing hiking club.
Public Relations & Recruitment Chair

Matt Hanley
This position keeps pack activities visible to the public, as well as to the families of the pack, and recruits new Scouts into the Pack. 
Friends of Scouting (FOS) Chair
Matt Hanley
Some councils rely heavily on units to raise Friends of Scouting (FOS) funds. Friends of Scouting funds are used to improve the campgrounds and other resources the Council maintains for Scouting use among other Council needs.  
Popcorn Kernel
Andrea Stepina
Responsible for managing the Pack’s annual Popcorn sales fundraiser by booking storefront location, ordering, and managing popcorn inventory, managing orders and awarding prizes.

Pack leaders

The Pack leadership team focuses on providing a year-round program of activities and learning opportunities for the Cub Scouts following guidelines developed by BSA.  


Matt Hanley

Den leaders
Den Leader

Lion leader: Matthew Schreiner
Tiger leader: Amy Ganden, Chris Tarczon, Ashley Zinn
Wolf leader: Andrea Stepina
Bear leader: Amanda Barger
Webelos leaders: Pete Brambilla
Arrow of Light: Jen Stasi