Popcorn Kernel

Preferred Tenure:

1+ Years

Typical Months of Activity:

June through December

Time Commitment:

  • 1-5 hours per month - peaking in September and October


  • Scout Leader Uniform - No
  • Attend Monthly Pack Leader Meetings - one or two
  • Training - Youth Protection
  • Ideal Characteristics - proficient at spreadsheets and handling money and inventory.


Responsible for managing the Pack’s annual Popcorn sales fundraiser by booking storefront location, ordering and managing popcorn inventory, managing orders and awarding prizes.  Specific responsibilities include:

  • Manage the annual Popcorn Fundraiser
  • Provide scouts with materials to perform their sales activities
  • Attend Popcorn training kickoff meeting for Council.
  • Coordinate popcorn distribution to the scouts, and storing and providing a pickup location.
  • Keep track of the sales, funds, and prizes as well as history of those sales so that trends and long-term trends can be tracked. 
  • Work with the Treasurer to ensure proper review, reconciliation, and disposition of the collected funds.
  • Place popcorn orders